With Connect RVA 2045, we are updating the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for the Richmond, Virginia, urbanized area. The LRTP presents a long-range (20 year) strategy to guide the effective investment of public funds for multi-modal transportation infrastructure throughout the Richmond region. It is updated every four years in accordance with federal and state requirements, and reflects local planning initiatives and incorporates extensive public input throughout its development.

Connect RVA 2045 also provides the foundation for the development of the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization's (RRTPO) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), allocation of other grant funds, short-range capital improvement programs that implement some of the needed highway, transit and bikeway projects identified in the project lists, as well as the RRTPO’s annual work program activities. Topics that Connect RVA 2045 will address include:

  • Public engagement process for developing the Connect RVA 2045 plan

  • Transportation vision, goals and objectives for the Richmond metro area

  • Census-based adjustments to population, employment and travel data

  • Update of the travel demand model to identify current and future deficiencies in the road network

  • Safety, efficiency and connectivity of the multimodal transportation network

  • Technology acquisition and partnership strategy in support of performance-based planning

  • Proposed system improvements

  • Prioritization of projects

  • Development of a fiscally constrained project list

  • Financial analysis and projected timing for project development


Looking ahead 20 years, there will be many issues that the region will face.  Over the next few months, there will be a deep dive into regional needs and issues to address.  PlanRVA will be working with our stakeholders and the public to have a conversation about these concerns.

Stay tuned here for those opportunities to be engaged and to learn more about the discussion that is taking place.

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