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Public Review: ConnectRVA 2045 – Universe of Projects

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The RRTPO is currently working on ConnectRVA 2045, the Richmond region’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). ConnectRVA 2045 will be a significant decision tool to guide how the RRTPO and its partners can address the transportation needs of the Richmond region now and in the future. The plan budget will be based on projected funding streams over a 25-year planning horizon or the year 2045. The ConnectRVA 2045 Advisory Committee (AC) spearheads the development of the plan with the power to make decisions guiding the process and outcomes. An integral part of the plan engaged the AC along with two public on-line surveys in developing a Vision Statement, Guiding Principles, Goals and Objectives that will guide the assessment of projects.

Staff have been developing a master list of potential regional projects, a “Universe of Projects” for the Richmond region based on regional and local transportation studies, additional recommendations provided by AC members, future transportation issues identified by the Richmond/Tri-Cities Travel Demand Model and public input received through the ConnectRVA 2045 website, community engagement, and advisory committees.

The draft Universe of Projects (Excel spreadsheet) (Adobe PDF) and online interactive maps are now available for your review. Comments may be related to projects that you feel are not mentioned but are needed, projects that should not be included, projects you support, or general questions of clarity. The Universe of Projects is meant to address issues that have been identified in the earlier phase of the plan development and will serve as the foundation for project prioritization and estimating total costs of implementation.

The comment period will be open until March 23, 2021. All comments will be provided to the AC and RRTPO policy board before they vote for their approval.

If you have any questions or run into any problems accessing the draft list or the online interactive maps, please contact Chet Parsons ( or Sulabh Aryal (

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